The Evoker is a mob in minecraft which falls into the category of Illager mobs, a group which acts as the opposite of Villagers. Evokers, like other Illagers, will appear in raids but will also appear in Woodland Mansions and drop a very valuable prize when you manage to take them down.

Upon the initial generation of a Woodland Mansion, individual Evokers will spawn inside and will not despawn unless the world is changed to the Peaceful Difficulty. Once killed they cannot respawn in any way in these Mansions.

Evokers will rarely spawn as a raid captain, having a banner worn on their head which will drop upon death.

During raids up to Evokers can spawn. Starting at wave , Evokers will begin spawning and if the world is on the Hard difficulty Evokers can spawn riding Ravagers during wave .

Evokers will attack all sorts of creatures, and when the player starts getting close to stop the Evoker’s attack the Evoker will flee between attacks to keep its distance.

The Evoker’s primary magic attack is summoning sets of fangs which rise from the ground to bite the target. These fangs can appear in different configurations around the Evoker and will deal damage or hearts. These fangs tend to stay on the ground but can be summoned up staircases if the target is above.

Usually, fangs are summoned in a straight line in front of the Evoker however, if the target is close, the fangs will be summoned in a large circle around the Evoker instead.

If there are a low amount or no Vex enemies nearby, the Evoker can summon Vexes around it. These Vexes can fly and pass through blocks and surprise the target.

When the Evoker is out of combat and near a Sheep, it can use a spell to change the Sheep’s wool color. It will only trigger on blue Sheep and it will change the Sheep’s color to red.

The Evoker has a few unremarkable drops. It can drop up to Emerald and, if it is a raid leader it can drop an Ominous Banner. It will also drop EXP.

The important drop it has is the Totem of Undying. An Evoker will always drop one and if the player dies while holding it, they are immediately revived with the Regeneration and Absorption potion effects.

The Evoker is similar to the unused Illager the Illusioner. It even appears in a hat similar to the Illusioner’s in Minecraft’s “Meet the Evoker.”

The Sheep color change spell is a reference to the game ‘Age of Empires’ in which priests can change enemy units into friendly ones, in the process changing their color. 

The Evoker even makes the same sound from the game when changing a Sheep’s color. This is only possible due to Minecraft and the game ‘Age of Empires’ both being owned by Microsoft.

In the code of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, Evokers are referred to as evocation Illagers.

Evoker fangs can be escapes by simply being far enough away or by being two blocks above or below the Evoker. Fangs can travel down or up one block at a time but not two.

Yes! If the Mob Griefing gamerule is set to false, the Evoker cannot change a Sheep’s color. This doesn’t work in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft however.

The Evoker has one achievement specific to itself, the Feeling Ill achievement, however it is associated with the Monster Hunter achievement, Monster Hunter advancement and the Monsters Hunted advancement. The Totem of Undying that it drops will also give the Postmortal advancement or the Cheating Death achievement when used.

The Totem of Undying has no limit to its use. Although it breaks when used, as long as you have more they can keep being used. This means you can use up to a full inventory of totems at a time.

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