5 most fun vehicles to use in GTA Online in 2021

Whether it is terrorizing the residents with a flying, weaponized hoverbike or destroying traffic with a ramp on wheels, the possibilities are endless in GTA Online. While a competitive edge is what players might be after for PvP situations, the vehicles on the list are reserved for players want to let loose in GTA Online.

While GTA Online can be a tad bit too ruthless and unforgiving at times, the core of the experience lies in the reckless abandon and fun that ensues. Players have the complete map of Los Santos and Blaine County to let loose and cause ungodly amounts of chaos and disruption within the city.

The game goes above and beyond when it comes to providing players with an insane variety. While these vehicles can be massively expensive, they make for great vanity purchases late in the game.

The Grotti Vigilante is just about the most over-the-top vehicle in GTA Online, given just how much it can do. Weapons, rocket boost, and an insanely beautiful look, there is not much more the players can ask for.

Much like the inspiration behind the car, the Vigilante is blisteringly fast and can practically knock everything out of its way when going fast on a highway. While totally not something the real Dark Knight would ever drive given its deadly weapons, it s perfect for the murderous GTA Online player.

The Ramp Buggy alone is responsible for some of the best highlight clips from the game and it is easy to see why. The car is fast, nimble and can send vehicles hurtling down the street with its unique ramp that sits in front of the vehicle.

The vehicle can be used both offensively and defensively as it is impossible to ram the car head on. The Ramp Buggy can essentially send an entire lane of traffic through the air, making for a rather fun time on the streets in GTA Online.

The Deluxo might drain the player s entire bank account, but it certainly makes a decent enough case for itself to be that expensive. Anyone who has ever seen Back to the Future has dreamt of driving a DeLorean one day, and this is as close as one can come to it.

The car can also hover on the ground, adding to its already versatile nature as a special vehicle in GTA Online.

The Phantom Wedge doesn t even look like a real vehicle, given its absolutely over-the-top design. Resembling Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, the Phantom Wedge is an absolute force of nature in GTA Online.

No vehicle can stand up to the gigantic drill attached to the front, as it tears through just about everything, causing all sorts of chaos in the session. The Phantom Wedge might not be particularly useful, but it is insanely fun to drive around in.

The Volatol, as the name might elude to, has VTOL capabilities, meaning it can take off and land vertically, as well as hover without moving in the air. This makes it not only one of the most useful jets in the game, but also extremely fun to fly around in.

The Volatol is an absolute joyride and doesn t have that steep a learning curve either, making it perfect for a vanity purchase in GTA Online. 

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