How To Use Revival Card In Free Fire? How Many Players Can You Revive?

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous online multiplayer shooting match-ups with a major player base. Free Fire is a versatile application that has become much more mainstream since PUBG was restricted in India. The survival game has many modes that players can evaluate, for example, Battle Royale Mode where players play -minute rounds. 

They likewise have different modes like v and Squad Battles. However, many players are wondering about how to use Revival Card in Free Fire. If you have been wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

Free Fire introduced the Revival Card interface in the game after the OB update and it is still effective. However, the worst part of the reviver card in Free Fire is you can only use it on one teammate. Nevertheless, one can get the card by jiggling around on the map and collecting the tokens. In the game, one can exchange the collected tokens with a Revival card in the Free Fire game using any in-game Vending Machines. You just need to have a total of tokens to purchase one reviver card in the game.

Nevertheless, one must know that the reviving feature is only available in the casual mode of Free Fire. Meaning any team with at least one player alive can use this card in casual mode to revive only one player each game. To use the Free Fire Revival Card use the following steps below to revive your teammates using these cards.

While playing make sure you keep an eye for nearby vending machines and exchange these tokens with reviving cards.

Once you have collected enough tokens, use them on any of your knocked-out teammates in the game. Although, you must know that you can only revive one teammate in a single game. Also, beware of opponents there can be players trying to camp around such places to catch players off guard during such times.


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