PUBG Mobile may return as Battlegrounds Mobile India, here is what to expect


PUBG Mobile has long been anticipated to mark a return in India, and it looks like this will be happening anytime soon now. In fact, the game might have a new name upon its re-entry, changing it from PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The change was visible in the recent updates by the game s developers. PUBG Mobile India. The developer firm recently changed its and YouTube pages to the name Battlegrounds Mobile India, from the previous PUBG Mobile India, marking an indication of a similar fate for the game in the country.

The company even uploaded a short teaser on its YouTube channel for a while. It soon made the video private, but screenshots of the same have now been doing the rounds on social media. The rebranding with the name Battlegrounds Mobile India could be seen on the company s and YouTube accounts, though even these have been reverted to PUBG Mobile India.

It is speculated that the developers are working on an India-exclusive version of the game to launch it in the country again. Other than the change in the names of the company s social media handles, there have been several hints lately pointing to a rebranding of the game.

For instance, a recent poster was found sporting the new name as a part of the creative in an embedded link to a video on Vimeo. The poster was spotted by Gemwire, which also reported a domain registered by Krafton in India.

While it is clear that Krafton is making efforts towards bringing back the battle royale action game to the country, the outcome largely depends on the Indian government s approval of it. The centre had banned the much popular game in the country last year, citing its links to the Chinese investor Tencent amid escalating riffs between India and China.

Since then, Krafton had ended its ties with Tencent and worked towards a major shift in its India operations. At a recent gaming convention held with the government s support, a Krafton official confirmed that the company is continuously striving hard to bring the game back to India s gaming ecosystem.

Though the government has not made its stance clear officially, it has often mentioned how it is still not convinced to allow PUBG Mobile to operate in India once again. The government has pointed out that the game is violent, explicit and addictive in nature and tends to create a complex in the minds of children.

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