PUBG New State (Mobile) pre-registrations and beta details revealed


PUBG New State is the most recent addition to the PUBG franchise. Krafton . revealed the news in February and launched the pre-registration as well. Unsurprisingly, the developers received a positive response from gamers as it crossed million pre-registrations within days of the launch of the drive.

Pre-registration for PUBG New State is available globally, with India, China, and Vietnam as the exceptions. The absence of gaming communities of these countries wasn’t felt thanks to the growing enthusiasm from gamers globally.

After the success of PUBG Mobile, Krafton took a gamble by launching a new version of the PUBG franchise. Going by the increasing interest, it seems they have taken a safe step ahead.

The latest addition to the PUBG franchise has stirred the gaming community, as millions of gamers have already pre-registered for the game. The official video on YouTube is also getting millions of engagements from fans.

Pre-registration ensures a permanent limited vehicle skin for gamers. However, it is only available for Android users, and gamers can register on the PUBG New State pre-registration page.

The dates of the beta tests are not out yet. However, the developers took to social media to reveal that the tests would be carried out during Quarter of .

Gamers can expect beta tests to be limited to specific regions, following the strategy of Apex Legends Mobile.

PUBG New State aims to take players into the future. The game will be set in the year , so gamers can expect an ultra-realistic experience.

The official statement from Google Play Store shows PUBG New State will bring something new and exciting in terms of graphics.

“With the ‘global illumination technology,’ PUBG NEW STATE surpasses what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics.”

A new x map — Troi — will be introduced for the Battle Royale and will offer various technologically enhanced weapons and tools. The trailer revealed numerous unique aspects being added to the game, signifying a futuristic world.

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