PUBG respawn mechanic may make the game more like CoD


In the month of June, PUBG is set to get a whole bunch of new content in the way of motorcycles, racing, and a whole new season of upgrades. With Season ., users will get a remastered Miramar, a new Quad vehicle, Lobby Ball soccer ball for players to play with before a match begins, Lynx AMR weapon, and a new weapon skin upgrade system. KRAFTON also revealed a new map Codename: Tiger with a new game mechanic and another map called Codename: Kiki!

The first new map isn’t entirely new. On June nd for PC and June for consoles, PUBG will have a major reboot of Miramar. The Miramar map will have “a major visual update that leverages the newer technologies KRAFTON employed in recent maps like Paramo and Haven.”

There’ll be a June launch of a collaboration between PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and El Solitaro motorcycles that’ll bring Desert Wolves to the game. These high-powered off-road motorcycles will appear in the game alongside a new Racing Mode in the game for a limited time.

You’ll be able to race in Miramar from June - on PC and June - on consoles. If you own the El Solitaro Desert Wolves vehicle skin, you should see it automatically applied to the Motor Bike vehicle on June through December .

Season . will be released to PC on June and on consoles starting on June . This update will launch a new ranked season that’ll run for two months. There’ll be a new Quad vehicle on Miramar – something like a racing ATV with a second seat.

There’ll be a new weapon in the L Lynx AMR. This weapon will be found in Care Packages in Miramar normal matches and is intended as a “hard counter to vehicles.” This is the first Anti-Material Rifle in the game, capable of blasting military equipment, armored players, and vehicles.

There’ll be a new Lobby Ball, too! Players will find a ball available in the lobby whilst waiting for the game to load. This isn’t the most important update to the game, but it might be the most instantly appealing.

KRAFTON revealed Codename: Tiger shown at the head of this article for release in the third quarter of . That’s July at earliest. This map will be the first new × battleground in the game since the year . Tiger will roll with a new gameplay mechanic to PUBG that might just change the whole dynamic of the game – returning from the dead!

Returning to a match after one is killed isn’t always “zombie” mode – but coming back after one is already knocked out of the match is… not what the game is about, is it? Is this PUBG, or is this Call of Duty?

Codename: Kiki will be released in the fourth quarter of or the first quarter of . This map will “feature a diverse set of locations” that’ll include everything from massive skyscrapers to “mysterious underground labs” to underwater buildings and swamps.

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