PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire vs COD Mobile: Which game supports better gameplay on 4 GB RAM Android devices?

PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire are two of the most widely renowned battle royale titles for low-end devices, while COD Mobile is known for its high-end graphics resource-intensive gameplay.

Today, this article will compare the device requirements, gameplay mechanisms, and graphics of these three titles to find out which one supports better gameplay on mid-range devices having GB RAM.

Call of Duty: Mobile is compatible with Android devices with at least GB of RAM and running Android . and above.

All these three titles share the same core of battle royale, where players land on an island to fight against each other, and the last man standing wins the game.

However, the number of players in a match varies. Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite see and players landing on an island, whereas COD Mobile features players in a match.

The gameplay dynamics are also very different. Free Fire and COD Mobile have a more arcade-styled approach, while PUBG Mobile Lite incorporates realistic life-like elements in the gameplay.

Gameplay time per match also differs from each other, where Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite take - minutes to complete a match, and COD Mobile has an average match duration of minutes.

The color scheme of Free Fire is brilliant, yet it lacks realism. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Lite is a realistic game. It includes excellent textures and improved color contrast for each frame. Both of these titles can pull off FPS frame rates on GB RAM devices.

COD Mobile, on the other hand, features the most visually appealing graphics. It has well-designed textures, detailed maps, high contrast frames, depth shadows, and improved graphics optimization. COD Mobile can run in high graphics settings, supporting -FPS frame rates on mid-range devices.

COD Mobile is highly resource-intensive and requires better devices to run. The title will run on a GB RAM device but will not be as smooth and flawless as PUBG Mobile Lite or Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile Lite will be the best option for a GB RAM device with better performance and graphics. But if players want to experiment with unique features in a BR title, Free Fire will be their go-to game. 

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